SSRG Takes Its Offshore Solutions Onshore to Fight COVID-19

Right now, essential businesses are learning to fulfill business needs in ways they never dreamed of. And other businesses have been put on hold indefinitely, hopefully, to return in the future. These are all in an effort to keep the country running, while we flatten the curve against the coronavirus. 

As a supplier of an essential service - Specialist Service RedGuard normally provides modular building solutions, like accommodation modules, offices or control rooms for offshore drilling rigs - we’re here and doing business. But during this worldwide health crisis, companies have come to us, asking for similar solutions that can be used onshore, as they do their part to fight coronavirus. We’re humbled to do our part to provide space and have come up with a variety of alternate uses for our existing modular structures. 

Our buildings can be put to use in a variety of ways to assist in the fight our front-line workers are facing against this global pandemic. We've been filling orders and assisting where we can and we wanted to suggest a few examples of how we can support your needs, whether it's extra space for people or the storage of valuable medical PPE. 



As this virus has made its way across the country, unfortunately, more workers providing essential services have become exposed to the virus. When they remain asymptomatic, they often don't want to (or can't) stop providing their valuable service. During their time of self-quarantine, our lease-ready buildings can act as secure worksite modules, giving those providing essential services a separate place to work. 

In the past few weeks, we've instituted several quarantine modules on our own sites for those who have recently traveled through or from affected areas. While these technicians are not symptomatic, nor sick, we decided to take necessary precautions and give them a dedicated workspace until enough time has passed from the time of their travel and they are safe to work with the rest of the team. 


When you lease or buy storage from Specialist Services RedGuard, you can count on reliable delivery, a clean unit and a timely pick-up. Our 20' and 40' units have been widely used across a variety of industries, like refining, construction, and retail, and now we're also here to help the medical industry, or any other business providing essential service that could require a little more on-site storage or extra workspace.

Our office units are climate-controlled, providing a great temporary solution for sites that need to ramp up staffing but have limited space. They've also proven effective as testing sites, patient intake, and simple examination stations. Some of them have built-in storage, and they all have safety features like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, as well as a built-in workspace. 

Our storage containers and our ground-level offices are weatherproof and highly secure. 


Originally for use on offshore drilling rigs, our Flex accommodation units are self-contained, and provide a comfortable place to bunk for onsite medical staff, who may want to house temporarily away from their homes, to avoid infecting loved ones. The units could also be used for those in treatment or recovery from the virus, or non-virus patients who need to be separated. 

Each four, eight, or twelve-person accommodation module includes complete living quarters, with beds, desks, lockers, and a bathroom. They include "plug & play" connections for electric and communications. Positive or negative air pressure is available and the mobile units can be delivered where needed. There are also optional kitchen units, laundry, offices and more.  


If this time of urgency and emergency preparedness and has made you realize that your site could use a more permanent unit for protection, we can start that process now. We can create your custom solution, with negative air pressure and all the specs and amenities you need. Talk to us about your requirements. 


Whether you need an additional workspace to increase operations, or you require a private area to perform COVID-19 screenings, we're here to help.

If you'd like to see more about the specific examples of some of the suggested uses for our buildings, visit our Pandemic Preparedness page

Also, remember that you can always reach your regular point of contact by calling their direct line, or 855-777-4426.

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